privacy and messages… (mala tempora currunt? )

Seems that in this period, a lot of people is involved in “eavesdropping” the people’s communication. Seems that both data and voice communications are involved.

So just now I bring you some links to some app that maybe can help you to maintain a ‘bit’ of privacy: (I will just enumerate these app… if [...]

About otp tokens

In these economically troubled times (or, at least are trouble times for the country where I live: Italy) I am involved in some projects themed on otp/totp. So I have to inform myself about pros and cons of this interesting technology.

‘OTP Token’ seems a technoloy far away from our day-by-day life. It seems [...]

Identification? (Identification in a networked reality: some simple words)

Identification in a networked world is not so simple… in the real world we can count on both our sense and the “ring of trust” of friend/”trusted” persons. Into the net we can only check the provenience of the incoming requests, the omniprerent couple: “username” and “password”, the public key, and finally the callback (tipically [...]

Floating-Point (arithmetic) and its real-life impact. =UPDATED=

I am well aware that the “A” word (arithmetic) in title it is not a good idea… Normally it is a really bad idea. But this post seems interesting and important to me, so important that i have to put the “A” word in title…

Before to start please make some “common ground” please [...]

game cheating/process memory hacking

Hi! I like strategy games and on-line games. So i am a fan of WarCommander (a facebook game). In this game a lot of players talks about “cheat” or “hacking” and so on. Two words on this game: it is a flash game, it is a tactical war game, it is multiplayer. So evidently it [...]

SOLVED: the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi, i have written this old post about an italian online newspaper site, showing a subscription proposal personalized showing my mobile phone number… I was really puzzled about that. I got a lot of hints from a lot of people. Someone suggested to inform the “garante della privacy” (a sort of privacy agency). But i [...]

the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi to everybody! i have bought a nice nexus 7 8GB ram at the shining price of 169 Euro. I am really happy. It is a nice tablet, it has a camera really useful to catch photo of yourself while you are using it. Really: it has only a camera, so you you can’t easily [...]

who cares about it security ?

Really: it security it is only a stupid cost… IT security does not matter for the common users. IT security it is important for bankers and online sellers. But if so: tell me why all of you are reading this articles:

For you relax, please read this too:

Please think again [...]

About transparency reports:

Hi, some considerations about corporate-transparency habits: today seems that the new mantra is about transparency and openess of the corporate policies. I have found some reports about the “law-enforcement policies” of some of the internet “big-guy”. However: i have found this kind of report for US-based enterprises but i was not able to find european [...]

total control …

today i have read some interesting articles:

in brief: seems that saudi government is using IT technologies to control and monitor women movement, use of mannequin to track shoppers’ behaviour.

The first one is interesting because seems to aimed to monitor only women. So seems that their government is going [...]