the perfect drone

I really think that everyone of us want this kind of service just now:

have you a better use for a copter-drone ?

Resistance is futile! We will be assimilated!

Really i want submit to your attention the following links: it “points” to a kit to realize your cockroach cyborg/s!


some peoples are putting time/money on a really new kind of “man^H^H^H living being-machine interface” some people is already selling some “little toys” some tools are already applcable to human beings [...]

Yet Another Simple Robot

Hi to everybody! are you looking for a simple low-cost robot that can be controlled by web? Yes ? Good: hereby the link. This is a really simple robot that you can modify so that it can be controlled by radio…

But today a radio controlled robot is an internet-controlled robot.

In this [...]

wifi controlled power switch….

follow this link:… I like it very very much … Really interesting.

about the next tech revolution

Hi, today i want to speak about so called bioybrid robots. I have found this amazing site: They speak about a lot of things on both biology, robotics, and progamming.

So i “googled” about the theme and i have found some interesting links: un articolo interessante sulla bbc… chinese [...]

robocub (bilingual)

Have you seen robots playing football? Are you interested ? Please go on this site! You can find design and software on github.

If you are young or at least student stay tuned and go on this other site. The license allows redistribution and seems really bsd alike.


Avete visto dei robot [...]