It is a really amazing tool. I found it useful both for teaching and for rapid prototipyng. You can find greenfoot here. In brief it is a tool to teach java programming using “scenarios” paradigma. But it is able to insert multimedia elements in your own “scenario”, It seems able to use native code. So:


about security

i have found some articles on the so called “java problem”. The best ones are the following:

first one second one third one

Are you terrified? Good! The first one article give you a lot of info on the “java problem”. … Yeah if you get it in your network/networks your in trouble. The second [...]


… Just now i need to work on jboss for some kind of test on a portal. It is a very interisting software. But just now i am looking for a very simple tutorial explaining the difference between tomcat and jboss…

When i will found it i will post/add the link…