Are you looking for a POWERFUL engine?

look here!

Surely you can go to the moon and back again with this engine! Let me know when you mount one of these on your city-car!

looking for a “inter-planetary” engine?

Good! you can stop your search and read this article. So seems that soon we will able to use a fusion engine on a “spaceship”. If we will be able to realize this kind of engine, maybe we will be able to go on mars in some months (30 day, so some peoples thinks). So [...]


Do you remember the dear old R2D2? Yes ? Good! So you will be happy to know that this guy has realized a R2D2 clone. This is amazing. I confess that i will sleep better now, dreaming of my next lightsaber.

do you remember “the monolith”?

i have found this wonderful image in a space related site. Seems that on Titan (a Saturn moon) exist a river. Seems that is not exactly water that flows in this river… However: i love the movie “2001: A Space Odissey“, and i love space related images.

asteroids, 2012 and the end of the world (poor earth!)

ok in these troubled times, i really think that it is normal that peoples start to talk about the end of world. So that some coincidences can assume a sinister meaning. So i think that everybody knows about the profecies involving the end of our world before the 31 december 2012… Really they are speaking [...]