mount a playbook (BB) on debian wheezy (via usb)!

It is simple! First thing to do: modprobe usb_storage ; modprobe cdc_ether Now on Playbook:

tap Gear icon on right (top) select Storage & Sharing USB connectins: to Mac File sharing: ON wi-fi sharing: OFF password protect: ON (keep it simple but longer than 4 characters)

Now plug in the playbook ! su [...]

privacy and messages… (mala tempora currunt? )

Seems that in this period, a lot of people is involved in “eavesdropping” the people’s communication. Seems that both data and voice communications are involved.

So just now I bring you some links to some app that maybe can help you to maintain a ‘bit’ of privacy: (I will just enumerate these app… if [...]

SOLVED: the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi, i have written this old post about an italian online newspaper site, showing a subscription proposal personalized showing my mobile phone number… I was really puzzled about that. I got a lot of hints from a lot of people. Someone suggested to inform the “garante della privacy” (a sort of privacy agency). But i [...]

CAG Computer Aided Glasses

CAG! I really hope to be the inventor of this new acronym… Up to date we are filled with articles about wearable computing. But we are lacking of wearable products on the stores scaffolds. Maybe for us the end of this shortage is at hand. We all knows things about google glasess. But google glasses [...]

the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi to everybody! i have bought a nice nexus 7 8GB ram at the shining price of 169 Euro. I am really happy. It is a nice tablet, it has a camera really useful to catch photo of yourself while you are using it. Really: it has only a camera, so you you can’t easily [...]

Firefox OS phone: a shining success!

Hi to everybody! I think that everyone that is involved in mobile phone software development, knows something about Firefox OS. So you will be not unhappy to know that the first mobile phones are on market. See at These products seems fine and they seems cheap too. The problem il that they are out [...]

mobile phone 2.0

Hi to everybody: i have found some interesting articles:

So seems that (with the remarkable exception) of samsung, the big producers of mobile phones are losing “value” or “market share”. The focus seems definetly moved on “apps” both in “native code” or in “html5″. But seems that some financial [...]

who cares about it security ?

Really: it security it is only a stupid cost… IT security does not matter for the common users. IT security it is important for bankers and online sellers. But if so: tell me why all of you are reading this articles:

For you relax, please read this too:

Please think again [...]

about gsm security

Some days ago i read this article: I am really interested to network security and i already know of some other security problem. Yes i consider a “secret spy tool” a security threat. Up to date i am not able to remember any government that was so able to maintain their “secret spy tool”, [...]

About technology, social activism and “old” peoples.

Hi, i am living in an industrialized country and my country has a “low” number of analphabet. (in my mind the right number of analphabet in a country is ZERO) . However in the world there are a lot of country that had implemented the industrialized way of life recently. So that a relevant number [...]