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debian: how to start libreoffice components from command line

I really love openoffice/libreoffice suite. I adore command line too. In debian wheezy I lost the capabilities to invoche the word processor or the spreadsheet from the command line.

I figure howto restore… It is simple log in as root then:

(Please verify your paths and installation BEFORE to to these operations… )


mysql and deprecated “things”

Hi, i was performing an update on a “centos” test bed machine.

I was not happy to discover that an old php site was no more operational. So I was puzzled, and unhappy. The first thing that i have done was to read the log and verify that the upgrade operations gave no errors. [...]

Identification? (Identification in a networked reality: some simple words)

Identification in a networked world is not so simple… in the real world we can count on both our sense and the “ring of trust” of friend/”trusted” persons. Into the net we can only check the provenience of the incoming requests, the omniprerent couple: “username” and “password”, the public key, and finally the callback (tipically [...]

no encryption in ssh?

Hi to everybody… sorry for the “latency” between the latests posts… But i was very busy on some crypto/net/social things… I really hope to show something really soon. For now this information: if you love ssh and use it for connection/s, file/data transfer, vpn to solve some (inexistent) routing problems, you will be aware of [...]

brain controlled devices

I am interested to new technologies so, when i read about a quadcopter entirely controlled by “brainwaves” i was excited. At this point i “googled” to find other informations. I was thinking that this techology use costly sensors… This was wrong:

There is a guy that wrote an open source software [...]

game cheating/process memory hacking

Hi! I like strategy games and on-line games. So i am a fan of WarCommander (a facebook game). In this game a lot of players talks about “cheat” or “hacking” and so on. Two words on this game: it is a flash game, it is a tactical war game, it is multiplayer. So evidently it [...]

SOLVED: the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi, i have written this old post about an italian online newspaper site, showing a subscription proposal personalized showing my mobile phone number… I was really puzzled about that. I got a lot of hints from a lot of people. Someone suggested to inform the “garante della privacy” (a sort of privacy agency). But i [...]

elgg in amsterdam

If you are european and/or, if you are interested in elgg, i think that is possbile that you, the June 14th 2013 will be in amsterdam for: elggcamp.

the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi to everybody! i have bought a nice nexus 7 8GB ram at the shining price of 169 Euro. I am really happy. It is a nice tablet, it has a camera really useful to catch photo of yourself while you are using it. Really: it has only a camera, so you you can’t easily [...]

Firefox OS phone: a shining success!

Hi to everybody! I think that everyone that is involved in mobile phone software development, knows something about Firefox OS. So you will be not unhappy to know that the first mobile phones are on market. See at These products seems fine and they seems cheap too. The problem il that they are out [...]