mount a playbook (BB) on debian wheezy (via usb)!

It is simple! First thing to do: modprobe usb_storage ; modprobe cdc_ether Now on Playbook:

tap Gear icon on right (top) select Storage & Sharing USB connectins: to Mac File sharing: ON wi-fi sharing: OFF password protect: ON (keep it simple but longer than 4 characters)

Now plug in the playbook ! su [...]

debian: how to start libreoffice components from command line

I really love openoffice/libreoffice suite. I adore command line too. In debian wheezy I lost the capabilities to invoche the word processor or the spreadsheet from the command line.

I figure howto restore… It is simple log in as root then:

(Please verify your paths and installation BEFORE to to these operations… )


mysql and deprecated “things”

Hi, i was performing an update on a “centos” test bed machine.

I was not happy to discover that an old php site was no more operational. So I was puzzled, and unhappy. The first thing that i have done was to read the log and verify that the upgrade operations gave no errors. [...]

Identification? (Identification in a networked reality: some simple words)

Identification in a networked world is not so simple… in the real world we can count on both our sense and the “ring of trust” of friend/”trusted” persons. Into the net we can only check the provenience of the incoming requests, the omniprerent couple: “username” and “password”, the public key, and finally the callback (tipically [...]

no encryption in ssh?

Hi to everybody… sorry for the “latency” between the latests posts… But i was very busy on some crypto/net/social things… I really hope to show something really soon. For now this information: if you love ssh and use it for connection/s, file/data transfer, vpn to solve some (inexistent) routing problems, you will be aware of [...]

brain controlled devices

I am interested to new technologies so, when i read about a quadcopter entirely controlled by “brainwaves” i was excited. At this point i “googled” to find other informations. I was thinking that this techology use costly sensors… This was wrong:

There is a guy that wrote an open source software [...]

game cheating/process memory hacking

Hi! I like strategy games and on-line games. So i am a fan of WarCommander (a facebook game). In this game a lot of players talks about “cheat” or “hacking” and so on. Two words on this game: it is a flash game, it is a tactical war game, it is multiplayer. So evidently it [...]

SOLVED: the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi, i have written this old post about an italian online newspaper site, showing a subscription proposal personalized showing my mobile phone number… I was really puzzled about that. I got a lot of hints from a lot of people. Someone suggested to inform the “garante della privacy” (a sort of privacy agency). But i [...]

elgg in amsterdam

If you are european and/or, if you are interested in elgg, i think that is possbile that you, the June 14th 2013 will be in amsterdam for: elggcamp.

the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi to everybody! i have bought a nice nexus 7 8GB ram at the shining price of 169 Euro. I am really happy. It is a nice tablet, it has a camera really useful to catch photo of yourself while you are using it. Really: it has only a camera, so you you can’t easily [...]