brain controlled devices

I am interested to new technologies so, when i read about a quadcopter entirely controlled by “brainwaves” i was excited. At this point i “googled” to find other informations. I was thinking that this techology use costly sensors… This was wrong:

There is a guy that wrote an open source software [...]

CAG Computer Aided Glasses

CAG! I really hope to be the inventor of this new acronym… Up to date we are filled with articles about wearable computing. But we are lacking of wearable products on the stores scaffolds. Maybe for us the end of this shortage is at hand. We all knows things about google glasess. But google glasses [...]

the perfect drone

I really think that everyone of us want this kind of service just now:

have you a better use for a copter-drone ?

elgg in amsterdam

If you are european and/or, if you are interested in elgg, i think that is possbile that you, the June 14th 2013 will be in amsterdam for: elggcamp.

the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi to everybody! i have bought a nice nexus 7 8GB ram at the shining price of 169 Euro. I am really happy. It is a nice tablet, it has a camera really useful to catch photo of yourself while you are using it. Really: it has only a camera, so you you can’t easily [...]

Yet Another IT Security Post

Hi to everybody. I want to bring to your attention these links (both in italian and english) :

In the links above you will find some absurd news about hacker that can influence USA financial index, information tecnology that can be used to harm more than a nuke, and that someone [...]

the new global/glocal supply chain

Hi, from this article seems that htc is in trouble because ONE component of his Htc one has been found “equal” to one used by Nokia. Obviously this fact has been debated in court. And the Amsterdam court has ruled (against Htc).

So what? The hypotesis of the above article author seems to [...]

mobile phone 2.0

Hi to everybody: i have found some interesting articles:

So seems that (with the remarkable exception) of samsung, the big producers of mobile phones are losing “value” or “market share”. The focus seems definetly moved on “apps” both in “native code” or in “html5″. But seems that some financial [...]

Are you looking for a POWERFUL engine?

look here!

Surely you can go to the moon and back again with this engine! Let me know when you mount one of these on your city-car!

who cares about it security ?

Really: it security it is only a stupid cost… IT security does not matter for the common users. IT security it is important for bankers and online sellers. But if so: tell me why all of you are reading this articles:

For you relax, please read this too:

Please think again [...]