mount a playbook (BB) on debian wheezy (via usb)!

It is simple! First thing to do: modprobe usb_storage ; modprobe cdc_ether Now on Playbook:

tap Gear icon on right (top) select Storage & Sharing USB connectins: to Mac File sharing: ON wi-fi sharing: OFF password protect: ON (keep it simple but longer than 4 characters)

Now plug in the playbook ! su [...]

debian: how to start libreoffice components from command line

I really love openoffice/libreoffice suite. I adore command line too. In debian wheezy I lost the capabilities to invoche the word processor or the spreadsheet from the command line.

I figure howto restore… It is simple log in as root then:

(Please verify your paths and installation BEFORE to to these operations… )


Linux e radiografie (italian only)

Salve, ecco un raro articolo in italiano. Purtroppo ho dovuto farmi una radiografia.. Mi han dato il cd… E, non capivo come vederne i contenuti. Almeno non sul mio portatile debian.


far partire synaptic manager selezionare dicom ora avete l’imbarazzo della scelta.. io ho selezionat dcmtk installatelo inserite il cd supporremo che [...]

linux / android (quad-)arm board

I have already told you that i am interested in embedded computer world. So no-one will be surprised if i want to speak about some nice arm-based-linux-board!

Now this the nicest one:

the nicest!

and hereby below a list of interesting boards:

And now the most free (as in speech [...]

linux security (Magic SysRq key)

IT security is important. In some application is really important. I will not make example or statement on this fact. I will speak on a possible way to disrupt services, and obviously how to avoid that these nasty things happens. Today a lot of linux users uses linux as desktop or for software development. In [...]

does Linus Torvalds loves SSD? :-)

Read this article.Really from the article seems that he really hates dear old hard disks. And if you read with the due attention he explain his reason. I really agree that hard disk are slow and energy hungry so maybe we can start to say farewell to ‘them’. But are we sure that SSD (solid [...]

Nokia, linux, and the future/ Nokia, linux e il futuro

Before speak of the future i want to recall you about the past. Read it. It is amazing and at least to me, it seems a very instructive reading. Now the future: jolla!

os and user interface released in november details of availability (of new device) avaliable in november (see jollamobile on twitter) sdk available [...]

a few things / un po’ di cose (bilingual)

Stavolta comincio in italiano! siete interessati a un supercomputer casalingo a basso prezzo? Eccovi l’articolo!! E poi: pensavate che nel mondo della telefonia mobile non ci fosse nulla di interessante? Invece no’! La HP vuole rientrare nel gioco del mobile phone. E, la ZTE ci fornira’ di un telefono android con processore intel!



UEFI a real menace to floss?

I have found an article on uefi that sound really interesting. Seems that everyone has the capability to delete all the keys on its own system. So that the system is in “Setup Mode” and in this state it will boot anything. It will boot anything with signature or without signature. This seems really interesting [...]

kmail stress me

kmail… I use it from at least ten year… i had no problem … but now with kmail2 akonadi nepomuk… oh noooooo…..

Solution: go on akonadyconsole disable everything go on search (of kmail) put a search on an empty folder…

The second point is important and you have to repeat after every true [...]