is skype(tm) supporting wiretapping? / skype intercettabile?

I have found two sites that seems saying so. These two sites skype_open-source and ExpertMiami… So seems that now skype is modyfing some parameter of is own internal architecture so that the user can get a more efficient service at the price of an “easy” “eavesdropping” We will see

Ho trovato due site che [...]

hadoop 1000 nodes?

This article speak about a cluster to host a beast of 1000 hadoop nodes. Seems that this cluster is still experimental, but, i think that can be very interesting for everybody interested in No-sql approach. If you are interested: the link to the site.

Questo articolo parla di un cluster per ospitare un “bestione” di [...]

memresistor (bilingual)

hi on the “register” i have found this article (simple) on memresistor regarding a new discovery at University College London. There is a link to the scientific paper too… I have found quite interesting the whole thing.

Sul register c’e’ un articolo (semplice) sui memresistor riguardante una scoperta all’University College London. C’e’ anche il [...]

news from foxnews(tm)

I was reading some info on foxnews site when i had found the folloing two link:

The first one is about an US Army app store. I am really curious about that. Can be this fact the PROOF that now our complete life is based on mobile device ? The second one [...]

a fast list of news…

so seems that cloud computing is not so safe!

a new rim blackberry phone with BB os 7.1

facebook ™ announces an app center… I am really curious about that.

RedHat ™ seems to have plan for Paas whith openshift… Yet Another Cloud Computing Operator ?

fake chips around us?


search engine – RELOADED (bilingual)

Hi, i have found this interesting and useful search engine: million short… Yet another search engine? Not at all ! This engine had the feature that can skip the first n sites in results list. So you can avoid the mass of seo-optimized site to “fly-to-real-contents”. I am testing it and, the results are really [...]

kmail stress me

kmail… I use it from at least ten year… i had no problem … but now with kmail2 akonadi nepomuk… oh noooooo…..

Solution: go on akonadyconsole disable everything go on search (of kmail) put a search on an empty folder…

The second point is important and you have to repeat after every true [...]