an “IT SAFE” mobile phone

Hi, i have found this article about an “IT SAFE” mobile phone. It seems to have a good encryption, vpn, MDM and so on… It is supporting LTE networks. Oh! I forget to say you that this phone is the Samsung Galaxy S III ™.

a new tablet from microsoft!

Hi seems that microsoft is ready to release a new tablet with windows 8…. So seems (to me!) that the whole informatic world is tryng to take away market share from apple ipad… I think that these facts are really interesting both for technical and financial aspect. I think that all these new products can [...]

cloud storage problems…

I was evaluating to use a cloud-storage service… I was looking a good one… But in this article i had found a cloud storage legal problem. So seems that if some customers of the choosen one cloud service are using it illegally the whole service can be shut down by police… This can be a [...]

about macPro

Hi i am not a mac fan but i want to link this article about the “macbook Pro with retina display” … I found it really interesting …

build the enterprise!

hi to everybody! I like star-treck saga very very much… I am happy to show you this site…. If i understand correctly he want to build the real thing and he make some financial analysis… The project likes very much to me… and i really hope that it can be realized without government involvment…


waste to energy / energia da rifiuti

Hi! This article (bloomberg) is very interesting for me. I am really interested because in past i had worked on some “combustion optimizator” computer programs.

Salve! questo articolo (bloomberg) e’ molto interessante secondo me. Lo trovo interessante anche perche’ in passato ho lavorato su programmi (per computer) di ottimizzazione delle combustioni. Per coloro che [...]

mid air feedback?

Really, this article is amazing… I do not understand if this “ultrasonic feedback” is useful or if this “gadget” will be a killer app… but i consider it interesting.

smartphone intel (bi-lingual)

Hi! today on i had found this article. I started a search to found other articles/pages/information. The Intel ™ smarphone seems to be based on android,an uses atom(tm) CPU. I am searching information about the boot loader of these phones to discover if they can host an homebrew version of android, (see htc boot [...]