mozilla web os (firefox os)

Hi seems that mozilla is really going mobile… We can imagine a new world where html5 web services and so on are hosted on your mobile phone (have you a quad core proc mobile phone? No ? hhhhmmmmm, we will see) . This is really interesting. But what happens to battery life ? And more [...]

a nice gadget? / un bel gadget ?

Try to imagine a wristwatch that it is not a watch, or at least, not only a watch. Try to to imagine a watch that can show information coming from a bluetooth device. So that you can leave your quad-proc tablet into the pocket and read a selection of the important data on your “wristwatch”… [...]

IT security vs security? / Sicurezza IT vs sicurezza? (bilingual)

Hi, some people consider IT security as “geek stuff”, that does not imply in real life. So next time that someone will steal your new real car you will not blame the it security… Read this article maybe you will change you mind. So seems that a thief can steal car only inserting a jack [...]

esa summer code (Bilingual)

Hi seems that the European Space Agency is following Google and others ™ organizing a summer code. So if you can be interested in Esa Summer Code click here!

Sembra che la European Space Agency stia seguendo Google e altri ™ nell’organizzare un Summer Code. Quindi se pensate di essere interessati in Esa Summer [...]

prendendo spunto da: (italian only)

questo link, vorrei provare a fare qualche considerazione.

Per prima cosa, per coloro (spero pochi) che non parlano inglese una breve descrizione: – l’articolo fa’ de giochi di parole su un malfunzionamento tra una batteria di lancio di fuochi artificiali e il “judgement day” della saga di terminator – si parla di rise of [...]