search engine: there’s nobody out there ? :-)

Until now i was thinking that the development of new search engines has been stopped from two or three years at least. Today i read this article on a search engine developed by wal mart. If you don’t know wal-mart you can search on big G!… you will find a lot of info. Now i [...]

QT on android? It likes very much to me! (bilingual)

Read here! It speaks about a Qt port to android. It likes a lot to me. I really think to develop something… maybe i will dedicate a page to Qt on android!

Leggete questo ! Parla di Qt su android. Mi piace moltissimo e, credo proprio che sviluppero’ qualche cosa. Forse dedichero’ una pagina [...]

UEFI a real menace to floss?

I have found an article on uefi that sound really interesting. Seems that everyone has the capability to delete all the keys on its own system. So that the system is in “Setup Mode” and in this state it will boot anything. It will boot anything with signature or without signature. This seems really interesting [...]

QT news: QT on android, ios and windows 8? (bilingual)

I think that everyone knows that Digia is taking over QT from Nokia. So if someone tell you that an agreement between Nokia and Digia has been signed, you will be not surprise at all. Here you will find the communicate. The interesting parts is where Digia tell us that they are planning to “enable” [...]

about cobots /riguardo ai cobots (bilingual)

COBOTS == COllaborative roBOTS

These simpe notes starts (as usual) from an article. Here i have found an interesting terms “COBOTS” … I have read the articles (if you like techonolgy and are involved in some kind of industries YOU MUST READ IT) and then started to learn about that.

I have found a [...]

some considerations about an article about cyberwar/considerazioni su un articolo sulla “cyberwar”

I have found this article. This article is really interesting and it seems to describe the USA situations in a very interesting way. I really suggest to read it very very carefully. But i want to recall your attention on other facts: the publisher is not an IT magazine but one of globally most important [...]