Robotics challenge (Africa)

Hi, i would like to bring your attention on AFRON, or African Robotics Network. It is really interesting. But much more interesting is: “10 Dollar Robot” Design Challenge, it is too late to partecipate but i have found some really interesting projects.

I like these projects:

Xinchejian Shanghai Hackerspace Baobot Suckerbot 2012

I [...]

amd app zone !

Hi, today i have seen a lot of news on Amd! They had opened an “app store” for android apps. Nothing new apparently. Quite wrong… Seems that they are not targeting the “real android device” but the pc running an “android emulator” …. Are you interested to the amd app store ? Just follow the [...]

revoked certificates: pay attention please!

Today i have read this “post” on an Adobe blog.

Briefly: some bad boys had violated some security levels and they where able to sign some applications.

The security boy had revoked the certificates. So please pay attention to any certificates related messages.

I strongly suggest to read the above link contents.

about 3D printer… / Riguardo le stampanti 3D (bilingual)

Recently i have read a lot of things about these printers. I am really fashinated by these things. These printers are able to “build” a copy of eiffel tower or to print pie decorations. The problem is the cost. However i am starting to think that there printer can be really useful in a lot [...]

an inside look at: Kindle Fire HD!

Hi boy! This product likes me very much. I am really amazed from this article. This products seems really simple to repair/modify. I really think to set up a wish list and the kindle fire hd will be the first item on it!

a few things / un po’ di cose (bilingual)

Stavolta comincio in italiano! siete interessati a un supercomputer casalingo a basso prezzo? Eccovi l’articolo!! E poi: pensavate che nel mondo della telefonia mobile non ci fosse nulla di interessante? Invece no’! La HP vuole rientrare nel gioco del mobile phone. E, la ZTE ci fornira’ di un telefono android con processore intel!



“Closed” medical records/ cartelle cliniche “chiuse” (bilingual)

Today I was hanging on facebook, when i had seen a “share” about this site. Some facts (from this site) :

in Italy in one italian hospital you can obtain your medical records on digital media these data are in an unspecified format BUT not a free one

So, it is really good that you [...]

about security

i have found some articles on the so called “java problem”. The best ones are the following:

first one second one third one

Are you terrified? Good! The first one article give you a lot of info on the “java problem”. … Yeah if you get it in your network/networks your in trouble. The second [...]