it security reloaded

Hi to everybody two links:

So seems that put your server farm in a really cool place under the the water flood level, maybe it is not a good idea. Put a a server farm in cooll places prone to blackout maybe it is not a really good idea.

And perform screen [...]

google, google maps and crisis

Hi today i got this link from an article.

So google is using google maps to show the evolution of “hurricane sandy”.

I want to say only a thing: GOOD DOING, GOOGLE!

I want to suggest the reading of this link too.

I really think this thing can help common peoples and [...]

hacking on “radio waves”

Seems that radio waves are returning cool on both security and “features development” fields. So recently i have found security issue’s news about “mobile phone” infrastructures (see this link), the “normal general security issue” on the whole it technology (see this, this. Now from this article we learn that NASA is going to fund low-cost(?)/high [...]

proud to be a Blackberry user

Today i have found this article. Seems that today, in some places, a blackberry user must feel at least embarrassed. Well i do not feel myself embarassed to be a blackberry user and developer.

I like very much the mail management, i love some security features.

And, i want to tell you: i [...]

Arduino DUE

Arduino “due” (due is the italian word for two) is finally arrived. Now you can have a 32 bit microcontroller board for about 49$.

It has:

2 micro usb port 12 bi analog inputs 12 bit analog outputs 512 KB flash memory

Wired says that the theoretical sampling rate has been multiplied to a whopping [...]

free circuits design on web….

I am working on some “embedded” projects, and i am looking for some low-cost sensors. I am exploring the idea to auto-produce some prototype circuit. I have found a lot of link: sites that realize the “board” for you, sites that consent you to design your own circuit, and others that can realize for you [...]

yet another IT security link: (bilingual)

The link is: Now please read this other link! I have no word to comment it. I have no way to very fact or assumption of the articles. I have no experience with the banks cited in the article, BUT, i can say that IT SECURITY IS A REALLY SERIOUS THING. If you make [...]

Mike Singleton passed away

Today i learned that Mike Singleton had passed away. Here the link. When i was young these spectrum games: “The Hobbit” and “The lord of midnight” liked very much to me. The Lord of midnight was written from Singleton. So farewell Mike. I really like to think that old programmer will never die… They only [...]

The Hobbit! (bilingual)

I was searching for trailer and news about the new film: The Hobbit! I have found this link: seems that NZ is going to issue commemorative coins. These coins seems to have both english and rune-carved inscriptions! ============================================== Stavo cercando traile e notizie sul nuovo film: The Hobbit! Ho trovato questo link: sembra che NZ [...]

does Linus Torvalds loves SSD? :-)

Read this article.Really from the article seems that he really hates dear old hard disks. And if you read with the due attention he explain his reason. I really agree that hard disk are slow and energy hungry so maybe we can start to say farewell to ‘them’. But are we sure that SSD (solid [...]