linux / android (quad-)arm board

I have already told you that i am interested in embedded computer world. So no-one will be surprised if i want to speak about some nice arm-based-linux-board!

Now this the nicest one:

the nicest!

and hereby below a list of interesting boards:

And now the most free (as in speech [...]

about Santa Claus and internet

Hi to everybody, i want to speak about the Christmas Hero (Santa Claus) and internet. First thing: some peoples think that he is a myth. A myth that can be debunked. I have found this link that seems to demonstrate that he is not real, or “AUDITE! AUDITE!” that he is dead…

hereby below [...]

Do Not Track

I am interested about this proposed HTTP HEADER. I have another site, in this site (only italian language, sorry) i perform some analysis on this header. It is the latest info line… now the PHP code:

if(isset($_SERVER)) { $arrServer = $_SERVER; if(array_key_exists(‘HTTP_DNT’, $arrServer)) { $value = $arrServer['HTTP_DNT']; if ($value == 0) { /* [...]

do you remember “the monolith”?

i have found this wonderful image in a space related site. Seems that on Titan (a Saturn moon) exist a river. Seems that is not exactly water that flows in this river… However: i love the movie “2001: A Space Odissey“, and i love space related images.

asteroids, 2012 and the end of the world (poor earth!)

ok in these troubled times, i really think that it is normal that peoples start to talk about the end of world. So that some coincidences can assume a sinister meaning. So i think that everybody knows about the profecies involving the end of our world before the 31 december 2012… Really they are speaking [...]

about hand soldering

In these days a poor old man that want to prototype some ideas, or, simple want to repair his own electronics devices has a really hard day.

Now i want to to prototype an idea that needs of some chips in lga packages.

Youtube saved me:

I am really happy to learn [...]