list of embedded linux board that likes/interest to ME

Today i had found an article on “The Register” about linux ARM board.

Now i am going to enumerate the “board” that like me:

- EPIA-P910-10Q
Not really so embedd but it uses a quad-core proc on a pico itx board, two sata hd port, 3d vga, digital audio at an estimated price of 359$. Look here!

- Gumstix
I really think that gumstix is the first linux board that i had heard about. I was excited a lot about that but up to date i had no way to work on it.

- RaspBerry
Cool very cool a lot of articles, good articles and i am really curious about that. Some peoples tell us that raspberry is very difficult to obtain. We will see.

- cfa910
I got info about that from this youtube clip. it seems to me dated, and the page show a “discontinued” ..

- beagle board
small, well documented, with an interesting website … To see and evaluate.

- cubox
i will say only a word: lovely. I imagine it oin the office og one of my clients… It really likes to me.

- cotton candy
I am studying it.

- pandaboard
Not so small, but powerfull and awesome… Arm multiprocessing

- rhombus
ok i found it 5 minutes ago. It seems all GPled so it interest me a lot. Seems that there a whole family of new products.

Can i forget IT?

i like very muche these boards… some can have three ethernet on board plus a wi-fi card.

- Microtik
i like very muche these productstoo…

This list will be updated … maybe… when i recall/find other interesting things that likes me.

Maybe you had noted that i am speaking about intresting board but not on real thing used. Really i had found that embedded controls are simpler and faster to implents using small wi-fi router and openwrt.

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