kmail password recovery

Hi, i like kmail very very much… i dare say that i love it.

So i have used on a lot of pop and smtp servers. With a lot of password and so on. Now i had to modify a very old one… i TRIED to remember it but it was impossibile, so i had started vi (vim to be more precisely) and i have written these few lines:

# License GPL V2
# author Giovambattista Vieri

if ($#ARGV != 0 ) {
print “usage: kmailrc file and path as single argument. I.E. ./kmailrc”;


open FI, $nomefile or die $!;

while () {
$_ =~ /^host=/ && print $_;
$_ =~ /^login=/ && print $_;
$_ =~ /^pass=/ && decThenPrint($_);
close FI;
sub decThenPrint {
my $arg= shift @_;

my $rawpass=substr($arg, 5);
my $password=”";

my $count=0;
my $dummy=0;
foreach $character (@rawpasschar) {
if($count==3) {
print “$password\n================================\n”;

However, this is the link to github

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