linux / android (quad-)arm board

I have already told you that i am interested in embedded computer world. So no-one will be surprised if i want to speak about some nice arm-based-linux-board!

Now this the nicest one:

the nicest!

and hereby below a list of interesting boards:

And now the most free (as in speech [...]

Sandia lab. for mobile networks security!

Hi, i have found some news about a tool called megadroid. This tool is coming from the famous Sandia Labs. This tool simulates about 400k android mobile terminal. So that you can verify the effect of mobile network partial disruption or, of other network accident.

The Sandia Labs news release is here.

I will [...]

amd app zone !

Hi, today i have seen a lot of news on Amd! They had opened an “app store” for android apps. Nothing new apparently. Quite wrong… Seems that they are not targeting the “real android device” but the pc running an “android emulator” …. Are you interested to the amd app store ? Just follow the [...]

a few things / un po’ di cose (bilingual)

Stavolta comincio in italiano! siete interessati a un supercomputer casalingo a basso prezzo? Eccovi l’articolo!! E poi: pensavate che nel mondo della telefonia mobile non ci fosse nulla di interessante? Invece no’! La HP vuole rientrare nel gioco del mobile phone. E, la ZTE ci fornira’ di un telefono android con processore intel!



QT on android? It likes very much to me! (bilingual)

Read here! It speaks about a Qt port to android. It likes a lot to me. I really think to develop something… maybe i will dedicate a page to Qt on android!

Leggete questo ! Parla di Qt su android. Mi piace moltissimo e, credo proprio che sviluppero’ qualche cosa. Forse dedichero’ una pagina [...]

QT news: QT on android, ios and windows 8? (bilingual)

I think that everyone knows that Digia is taking over QT from Nokia. So if someone tell you that an agreement between Nokia and Digia has been signed, you will be not surprise at all. Here you will find the communicate. The interesting parts is where Digia tell us that they are planning to “enable” [...]

news from foxnews(tm)

I was reading some info on foxnews site when i had found the folloing two link:

The first one is about an US Army app store. I am really curious about that. Can be this fact the PROOF that now our complete life is based on mobile device ? The second one [...]

Interesting Linux/Android device

I have seen this really tiny tablet with a screen of 4.3″ … OS is Android 2.2 Froyo7 but if you search on google you will find video with linux debian installed… It has a good hardware from my point of view: wifi AND bluetooth. From my point of view the lacks of a gps [...]

android market

seems no more… now we have:

Try: you will get:

This is an interesting thing. I do not think that google is going to trasform android in a “game OS” . So maybe in future we will see more android markets. IE one for business, one for serious things and so on… [...]