mount a playbook (BB) on debian wheezy (via usb)!

It is simple! First thing to do: modprobe usb_storage ; modprobe cdc_ether Now on Playbook:

tap Gear icon on right (top) select Storage & Sharing USB connectins: to Mac File sharing: ON wi-fi sharing: OFF password protect: ON (keep it simple but longer than 4 characters)

Now plug in the playbook ! su [...]

proud to be a Blackberry user

Today i have found this article. Seems that today, in some places, a blackberry user must feel at least embarrassed. Well i do not feel myself embarassed to be a blackberry user and developer.

I like very much the mail management, i love some security features.

And, i want to tell you: i [...]

a fast list of news…

so seems that cloud computing is not so safe!

a new rim blackberry phone with BB os 7.1

facebook ™ announces an app center… I am really curious about that.

RedHat ™ seems to have plan for Paas whith openshift… Yet Another Cloud Computing Operator ?

fake chips around us?


BlackBerry Playbook ndk

I had bought a blackberry storm… It is impressive… it likes very much to me. I think that it can semplify some aspects of my job (it consultant) … After that i was curios about linux interfacing and programming. So i went on blackberry site and download the “native development kit”. That seems based on [...]

numero di squilli sul mio blackberry storm

… son riuscito finalmente a modificarlo! !

in sintesi

*949 seguito da “invio” o meglio dal pulsante con il telefono verde… Dimenticavo io ho vodafone e su altri operatori potrebbe essere diverso…

se volete meno di 9 squilli: *94n con n numero di squilli da impostare.