free circuits design on web….

I am working on some “embedded” projects, and i am looking for some low-cost sensors. I am exploring the idea to auto-produce some prototype circuit. I have found a lot of link: sites that realize the “board” for you, sites that consent you to design your own circuit, and others that can realize for you [...]

parallel risc embedded board sdk!

And the price? Forget it! If you want to buy it, you have to ask for the price …

However, this product seems to be really interesting: – parallel computer – mimb – sdk – gnu gpled ? tooll chain – a lot of computing power

The link!

I am really interested [...]

list of embedded linux board that likes/interest to ME

Today i had found an article on “The Register” about linux ARM board.

Now i am going to enumerate the “board” that like me:

- EPIA-P910-10Q Not really so embedd but it uses a quad-core proc on a pico itx board, two sata hd port, 3d vga, digital audio at an estimated price of [...]