a nice gadget? / un bel gadget ?

Try to imagine a wristwatch that it is not a watch, or at least, not only a watch. Try to to imagine a watch that can show information coming from a bluetooth device. So that you can leave your quad-proc tablet into the pocket and read a selection of the important data on your “wristwatch”… [...]

gadget’s page! / la pagina dei gadget!

here i will list the gadget that likes me. So this page will be updated with some new device or the deletion of other device that are no more interesting for me.

Qui trovate elencati dei gadget che mi interessano… magari ne comprero’ qualcuno e, scrivero la recensione…

Microstation L16 1080P LAN Network [...]

a truly fascinating gadget

Today i feel myself better after a car accident… A person hit my car with it’s own car on right flank. I had suffered of headache for all of last week (and i am suffering of it just now). So i had reduced my effort on both my web sites and my job. Today i [...]