google, google maps and crisis

Hi today i got this link from an article.

So google is using google maps to show the evolution of “hurricane sandy”.

I want to say only a thing: GOOD DOING, GOOGLE!

I want to suggest the reading of this link too.

I really think this thing can help common peoples and [...]

tablet per tutti!

Insomma siamo alla tabletmania… si ritorna al passato. Forse presto vedremo torme di eruditi scrivere su tavolette piu’ o meno grandi, piu’ o meno pesanti, piu’ o meno accessoriate. In ogni caso parrebbe che google ™ dopo aver acquisito motorola che produce ottimi tablet, voglia entrare (o rientrare) nel mercato dei tablet con un proprio [...]

android market

seems no more… now we have:

Try: you will get:

This is an interesting thing. I do not think that google is going to trasform android in a “game OS” . So maybe in future we will see more android markets. IE one for business, one for serious things and so on… [...]