privacy and messages… (mala tempora currunt? )

Seems that in this period, a lot of people is involved in “eavesdropping” the people’s communication. Seems that both data and voice communications are involved.

So just now I bring you some links to some app that maybe can help you to maintain a ‘bit’ of privacy: (I will just enumerate these app… if [...]

game cheating/process memory hacking

Hi! I like strategy games and on-line games. So i am a fan of WarCommander (a facebook game). In this game a lot of players talks about “cheat” or “hacking” and so on. Two words on this game: it is a flash game, it is a tactical war game, it is multiplayer. So evidently it [...]

Yet Another IT Security Post

Hi to everybody. I want to bring to your attention these links (both in italian and english) :

In the links above you will find some absurd news about hacker that can influence USA financial index, information tecnology that can be used to harm more than a nuke, and that someone [...]

it security reloaded

Hi to everybody two links:

So seems that put your server farm in a really cool place under the the water flood level, maybe it is not a good idea. Put a a server farm in cooll places prone to blackout maybe it is not a really good idea.

And perform screen [...]

Sandia lab. for mobile networks security!

Hi, i have found some news about a tool called megadroid. This tool is coming from the famous Sandia Labs. This tool simulates about 400k android mobile terminal. So that you can verify the effect of mobile network partial disruption or, of other network accident.

The Sandia Labs news release is here.

I will [...]

about security

i have found some articles on the so called “java problem”. The best ones are the following:

first one second one third one

Are you terrified? Good! The first one article give you a lot of info on the “java problem”. … Yeah if you get it in your network/networks your in trouble. The second [...]