Linux e radiografie (italian only)

Salve, ecco un raro articolo in italiano. Purtroppo ho dovuto farmi una radiografia.. Mi han dato il cd… E, non capivo come vederne i contenuti. Almeno non sul mio portatile debian.


far partire synaptic manager selezionare dicom ora avete l’imbarazzo della scelta.. io ho selezionat dcmtk installatelo inserite il cd supporremo che [...]

linux / android (quad-)arm board

I have already told you that i am interested in embedded computer world. So no-one will be surprised if i want to speak about some nice arm-based-linux-board!

Now this the nicest one:

the nicest!

and hereby below a list of interesting boards:

And now the most free (as in speech [...]

linux security (Magic SysRq key)

IT security is important. In some application is really important. I will not make example or statement on this fact. I will speak on a possible way to disrupt services, and obviously how to avoid that these nasty things happens. Today a lot of linux users uses linux as desktop or for software development. In [...]

does Linus Torvalds loves SSD? :-)

Read this article.Really from the article seems that he really hates dear old hard disks. And if you read with the due attention he explain his reason. I really agree that hard disk are slow and energy hungry so maybe we can start to say farewell to ‘them’. But are we sure that SSD (solid [...]

Nokia, linux, and the future/ Nokia, linux e il futuro

Before speak of the future i want to recall you about the past. Read it. It is amazing and at least to me, it seems a very instructive reading. Now the future: jolla!

os and user interface released in november details of availability (of new device) avaliable in november (see jollamobile on twitter) sdk available [...]

list of embedded linux board that likes/interest to ME

Today i had found an article on “The Register” about linux ARM board.

Now i am going to enumerate the “board” that like me:

- EPIA-P910-10Q Not really so embedd but it uses a quad-core proc on a pico itx board, two sata hd port, 3d vga, digital audio at an estimated price of [...]

Interesting Linux/Android device

I have seen this really tiny tablet with a screen of 4.3″ … OS is Android 2.2 Froyo7 but if you search on google you will find video with linux debian installed… It has a good hardware from my point of view: wifi AND bluetooth. From my point of view the lacks of a gps [...]