the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi to everybody! i have bought a nice nexus 7 8GB ram at the shining price of 169 Euro. I am really happy. It is a nice tablet, it has a camera really useful to catch photo of yourself while you are using it. Really: it has only a camera, so you you can’t easily [...]

Firefox OS phone: a shining success!

Hi to everybody! I think that everyone that is involved in mobile phone software development, knows something about Firefox OS. So you will be not unhappy to know that the first mobile phones are on market. See at These products seems fine and they seems cheap too. The problem il that they are out [...]

Nokia, linux, and the future/ Nokia, linux e il futuro

Before speak of the future i want to recall you about the past. Read it. It is amazing and at least to me, it seems a very instructive reading. Now the future: jolla!

os and user interface released in november details of availability (of new device) avaliable in november (see jollamobile on twitter) sdk available [...]

Sandia lab. for mobile networks security!

Hi, i have found some news about a tool called megadroid. This tool is coming from the famous Sandia Labs. This tool simulates about 400k android mobile terminal. So that you can verify the effect of mobile network partial disruption or, of other network accident.

The Sandia Labs news release is here.

I will [...]

a nice gadget? / un bel gadget ?

Try to imagine a wristwatch that it is not a watch, or at least, not only a watch. Try to to imagine a watch that can show information coming from a bluetooth device. So that you can leave your quad-proc tablet into the pocket and read a selection of the important data on your “wristwatch”… [...]

news from foxnews(tm)

I was reading some info on foxnews site when i had found the folloing two link:

The first one is about an US Army app store. I am really curious about that. Can be this fact the PROOF that now our complete life is based on mobile device ? The second one [...]

un nuovo sistema operativo mobile?

Qualcuno tempo fa’ mi diceva di essere convinto che il numero di sistemi operativi su “cellulare” o comunque mobili fosse in diminuizione e che le scelte dei consumatori si sarebbero concentrate su tre alternative. Effettivamente e’ da molto tempo che non ho piu’ notizie di palm os e/o di un sistema operativo mobile di hp. [...]