SOLVED: the Italian mobile phone number exposed

Hi, i have written this old post about an italian online newspaper site, showing a subscription proposal personalized showing my mobile phone number… I was really puzzled about that. I got a lot of hints from a lot of people. Someone suggested to inform the “garante della privacy” (a sort of privacy agency). But i [...]

Firefox OS phone: a shining success!

Hi to everybody! I think that everyone that is involved in mobile phone software development, knows something about Firefox OS. So you will be not unhappy to know that the first mobile phones are on market. See at These products seems fine and they seems cheap too. The problem il that they are out [...]

mobile phone 2.0

Hi to everybody: i have found some interesting articles:

So seems that (with the remarkable exception) of samsung, the big producers of mobile phones are losing “value” or “market share”. The focus seems definetly moved on “apps” both in “native code” or in “html5″. But seems that some financial [...]

a few things / un po’ di cose (bilingual)

Stavolta comincio in italiano! siete interessati a un supercomputer casalingo a basso prezzo? Eccovi l’articolo!! E poi: pensavate che nel mondo della telefonia mobile non ci fosse nulla di interessante? Invece no’! La HP vuole rientrare nel gioco del mobile phone. E, la ZTE ci fornira’ di un telefono android con processore intel!



project ‘honeystick’

From slashdot i had found this project ‘honeystick‘… I have found it very interesting in both approach and results.

In this project they ‘dropped’ some mobile phone with ‘fake’ personal data and then sit down to ‘wait’n see’ what happens.

So it is very very simple… But the results are amazing: more than [...]