about gsm security

Some days ago i read this article: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/03/gov-fights-stingray-case/all/. I am really interested to network security and i already know of some other security problem. Yes i consider a “secret spy tool” a security threat. Up to date i am not able to remember any government that was so able to maintain their “secret spy tool”, [...]

interested in mobile threat/security?

Please read this article!

In brief:

seems that some chip used in mobile phones are “bugged” these “bugs” are exploitable “on the air” (no need to have physical access to the mobile phone) “Compromised phones can then be used to record conversations or gain access to sensitive data.”

now read the sources of the [...]

project ‘honeystick’

From slashdot i had found this project ‘honeystick‘… I have found it very interesting in both approach and results.

In this project they ‘dropped’ some mobile phone with ‘fake’ personal data and then sit down to ‘wait’n see’ what happens.

So it is very very simple… But the results are amazing: more than [...]